Sunday, May 29, 2016


Rugs are definitely a form of art. That’s why they can seem much more personal than other elements of a room. You owe it to yourself to feel good about a first rate rug that captivates you and becomes something you’re likely to commit to for life.


Following are pointers on rug color, size, pattern and placement:

  1. Better to start with the rug, since it is the largest element in the room. Its colors and pattern determine the direction for the rest of the room.
  2. If patterns are too similar, they begin to talk to each other. Geometric patterned rugs look nice in a room of delicate florals. One can decorate with similar patterns, but the scale should vary.
  3. Do not be afraid of the new designs which have exploded on the market, such as geometrics, stripes, diamond shapes, leaf patterns, etc. These too, like old rugs, can have long term potential.
  4. Mix textures. However, do not put a silk rug in a family room. Also, colors do not have to match exactly.
  5. In an extremely large room, either use multiple rugs to define separate seating areas or use one large sisal rug and layer smaller rugs on top to define the different areas. This is much less expensive than purchasing one large rug.
  6. Make sure at least the front legs of a sofa or chair are on the rug. Large casement pieces such as a TV cabinet, secretary, chest, console, etc. should be either off the rug or all the way on. In the dining room try to have a rug large enough so that when the chairs are pulled out for sitting they are still on the rug.
  7. In a small room leave at least a 6” border of the floor exposed. If the room is large, leave at least 12” to 15” exposed.
  8. The most durable rugs are 100% wool. Many beautiful rugs are a combination of wool and silk. Rugs made with wool will give you the most wear. Wool needlepoint rugs are fabulous but should not be used in an area that gets a huge amount of daily traffic. A rug such as this would be used best in a dining room or living room. Hand knotted rugs are the finest. Sisal rugs are beautiful but very difficult to clean and subject to fading. Today’s market offers beautiful rugs made of wool that give a sisal appearance. These last much longer.
  9. Try not to use a rug with a plain field and a patterned or different color border. These are OUT!

Next, I will be doing a segment on color trends for 2010. Think BLUE and stay tuned!

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